Web Designing

6SS offers Website Designing, Web Application Development-commerce solutions and Custom Web site Development. Our professionals have proven industry and technical experience and use pioneering techniques and standard methodologies to provide innovative solutions in time. With an experience of over many years 6 Square Systems, professional Web Designing Company has become one of the foremost choices of people looking for professional web Design Company, affordable web site Design Company, web site promotion & internet marketing company by all possible means. 6 Square System understands that search engines are the most important drivers of traffic to your website and hence takes pride in developing SEO friendly websites.

Other more important aspect is to have the right kind of information at the right place. Most websites have information which is tough to reach with users struggling to get the information or product they are looking for. Our strategy for web design is to provide all necessary information with 2-3 clicks turning most of the users into potential customers.

We specialize in SEO friendly websites with latest CMS tools so that the customer can have control over the front-end website content if their Business requires them to. To do that our team has developed/customized templates and methods to ensure SEO friendly web elements can be controlled by CMS.


PHP, ASP, .NET, HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Jquery.

RDBMS : MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle.

Photoshop, Flash, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Illustrator.

Content Updating :

  • Editing and updating website content
  • Updating products in Ecommerce websites
  • Updating blogs, podcast, press releases
  • Maintaining Newsletters
  • Updating announcements, articles

Website Designing/Redesigning & Development :

  • Adding new web pages and designing PPC Landing Pages
  • Making minor SEO adjustments
  • Adding Blogs and Forum
  • Adding features according to requirement
  • Adding validation to avoid spam

Website Analysis :

  • Site Traffic Analysis & Reporting
  • Tracking Social Media
  • Analyzing Back links